Daily Prompt: Elicit


Now what does that actually mean to anyone ? Elicit values is the only context I have ever heard it in, and what does that mean. God only knows. I reckon it’s what one believes about life, and how others should behave.

I would not call this a very easy prompt to get going with, I’m stalling here, what in the hell am I going to do. Why I is going try a damn poem, as you do !


Be explicit, she said, before it explodes your head,
I can’t, it is too rude, I said, I may even get sued
Get it out, get it done, and over with, she screamed
My God, your mad I exclaimed, your boarding on insane

That I may well be, she said, but if you don’t come clean soon
You will be forever ostracized inside my head
It’s strange and bizarre, it’s not something we could try in a car
I don’t care she fired back, I’m open to any dare

Oh my God, is this woman trying to engage me in a trap
You’ll think I strange, possibly insane, just like the way I think about you
That’s okay she said, whatever you come out with, it’s alright by me
As we’re meant to be together forever, see

That last line frightened me, as that would be one tunnel with no light at the end of
I said, I may let you know one of these days, but for now I’m heading off for a cup of tea.

via Daily Prompt: Elicit


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