The Freedom Journey.



She waved at him from the train window. Although there were promises of seeing each other again,she knew she would never return here. She was determined to make a new life,a better life for herself. Sick of the poverty. Tired of the constant bickering in the family home. Freedom was what she yearned for most.
                                                                        Nothing was going to hold her back. she had plans. She always had plans. No one knew where she got the funds to travel,but they would know soon enough when the checked the family savings,and her note asking for their forgiveness and understanding. She had become hardened by life. How she longed to move to the west. so tired and worn out by the never-ending poverty and struggle. Life had to be better else where,it just had to be. Determined to make the best of her one lifetime. This was it. This was her break for freedom,for a better life.
As the train slowly and laboriously made its way along the tracks,in the warm evening sunshine,she watched the ramshackle,grey buildings that housed the few factories that remained in the province. With the funds she had taken from the family home she was able to afford a private carriage. Saving herself from sharing the train with the poverty-stricken masses who used it. Sitting alone in the carriage,alone with her thoughts,and dreams of the future.
One way or another,she had decided she would become a woman of means and wealth. Whether by finding a rich husband,or stealing and defrauding her way to the top. It did not matter the means. The end result was all that mattered. The consistent clatter of the train soon lulled her into a semi meditational state,where she envisioned her bright future in glorious Technicolor. Watching it all unfold on her inner cinema screen. she could feel the expensive clothing against her skin,she would soon be wearing. She could touch and taste every morsel of food she would be eating in those expensive restaurants of the west.
She laughed aloud at the mansion she and her yet to be found husband would live in. With the long sweeping driveway. The gardeners to attend to the lawns. The servants to serve them. She could even envision the horses she would ride in the grounds of the mansion on those sunny days. with that she happily made her way to sleep.

She slept for hours as the train made its way through the darkness to her new life,that awaited her. so easy to sleep with the clickety clack hypnotic like sounds of the train. She never heard the door been quietly forced with the small knife. A practised intruder. He moved swiftly and stealth like. The hand over her mouth. The knife to her throat,all in a flash. He reached down and grabbed her bag,that lay on the floor beside her shoes. Her eyes widened as she watched him rifle through the bag with one hand,in the semi darkness of the night. Her freedom about to be lost for ever,possibly. He smiled on seeing the large half-open  envelope with all the cash inside. He looked at her and smiled,with his crooked and cigarette stained teeth. He turned his full attention to her. With his hand over her mouth,and dirty fingernails pushing hard into both sides of her cheeks. He pushed her back roughly onto the couchette. she pulled at his greasy hair,and turned her face away from his approaching lips. Lifting her hips high against him,but his strength was stronger,heavier. She pulled at the hand that held the knife,pressed sharp against her neck. He pushed harder into her neck. Breathing hard and quick,the carriage rocked from side to side with great force. The sound of screeching metal upon metal,as the locomotive struggled to stop the beast..She too had stopped struggling…..The wound was deep….The blood trickled slowly at first,then began to increase in speed and volume. Finding it hard to catch her breath. Her lungs pumping quickly,but to little avail.
                                             In the semi darkness he lifted himself off her. Bent down and picked up the envelope full of her stolen funds. She watched,while her breathing slowed,as he exited her carriage,as quietly and expertly as he had entered it. Her eyes heavy,she closed them. It was so good to rest. So peaceful. In her mind she again imagined how wonderful how future in the West was going to be……

This a response to a photo prompt seen here :


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