Are you sincere, my dear, or just a pain in the ass
A woman, who’s mad, possibly sad, and just a total mess
It can’t be right, it’s well out of sight
That you and I got together, even when I first meet you, you looked a bit of a fright

Now we are together, will it stay this way
Will we hold on forever, like they say in that song
Is what we are doing so very wrong
It’s only love we are after, that and nothing more

Well maybe human companionship also, to keep loneliness from the door
As the journey through this world alone, that’s enough to break your soul in two
Who wants to live like that, no one to share with, no one to care
Struggling with an empty life,same old story night after night

It’s got to be better than this, that has to be an ocean of bliss, out there somewhere
Is it with you, I will discover this, or will I have to let you go
How will we ever know, what’s right and what is wrong
I hope we don’t have to wait so very long, for an answer to that.

Via Daily prompt/Wordpress.



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