What the cat don’t know…..



What the cat don’t know……
That one day he will die
That it’s highly unlikely he will ever learn to fly
That even if he smiles, I will never know
That he is unlikely to get a university degree
That he will never perform opera on tv
That he will never need to write out a cv
That generally speaking he and dogs will not get along
That one day he is never, ever gonna compose a song
That his owner, is generally quiet negative regarding the cat
That he will never drive a car, a ship or plane
That he will never attend psychotherapy for psychological pain
That generally speaking he is so laid back, it’s untrue
That many humans would love to be so laid back too
That he has no clue what life is like
That humans suffer from some type of strife, if not daily,at least weekly,right ……
That he don’t relasise how lucky he is to be a cat
That he is loved just for that
That is except for the times when he is blamed, for whatever is in the insane owner’s, mind of pain
That one day he may capture that bird, and eat him alive, without being too perturbed
That he may lick his lips after such a feast, pretending he wasn’t such a beast
That we as humans would turn a blind eye, but still worry unconsciously about such a monstrosity
That is living within our mists
That we would consider getting rid of it, in a moment of haste, for such a display violent intent
That outraged, as we were, that there no sequiturs used to deconstruct that poor bird
That to view such an event, made some of us squeal
That made us think we could perhaps get a better deal at the pet shop
That many times animals are preferred over humans, cause at least animals make some sense, as for humans well……..


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