We’re in debt,right in over our heads
Our cash is running out,we feel like we gotta shout
Will anyone listen,will anyone care
Will the banks not listen,or just put their noses in the air
Ignore our despair

This real make no mistake
At this rate we’re going to have to leave our home
March out the bloody gate

How has it come to this,how did it go so all amiss
What’s become of our home,that’s meant to be an oasis of bliss
Now it’s full of worry,tensions and angry moods
Blame and recriminations,on which we all brood

Where’s God when you need him,to give you a dig out
Ain’t no sign of him coming,even when you shout
Scream and cry,in the darkness of the night

What’s going to happen,where we going to go
This I can’t answer,this I don’t know
How can life be so hard,you sometimes ask
It’s a mystery to me,I feel all lost at sea

To go back renting at this stage of life
This ain’t how I saw my older life going,having all this strife
Why ain’t I a millionaire,why is life so unfair
How has it come to this,as my hand forms into a fist
As once again,I bang the table in my frustration and despair

The future don’t look rosy,and that’s the honest truth
It looks kinda scary,and uncertain up the road
Why has God chose us to carry such a heavy load
Is he cruel,is he just mean.Why am I even asking this of someone
Nobody ain’t never seen

How can I concentrate,be all happy,smiling and keen
I’m so worried now,most probably I’m looking kinda mean
It’s a hiatus here at present,we don’t know what’s going on
But we ain’t that delighted that we’re going to burst into song

Cause life again can quickly go so very wrong
Have to wait and see for now,how it’s going to turn out





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