Daily Prompt: Passenger

via Daily Prompt: Passenger

She so wished now she never stopped for him. A big mistake for sure looking back. But then life’s always easier looking back. How we would have done it all so differently had we know back then, what we know now. But stop she did, and what woman would have passed him by ?
With the long brown curly hair, his flowing locks. The healthy looking youngish face, half covered by a beard and moustache. But mainly it was that cheeky smirk and twinkle in his eye that drew her in, and the way he looked at her. Of her long drive of escape, to freedom, as she had explained to her girlfriends the night before her departure. Her plan was to give up her comfortable lifestyle in Manhattan, the glamorous job in advertising, the fancy apartment. Give it all up, that’s what she had decided to do. Her girlfriend’s and others had of course told her she was mad to throw it all away. But she had enough and was adamant, freedom and the open road was what she wanted. New adventures, new people, a new life.
She had tired of the corporate world, the lavish parties, the at times,vacuous and insincere people. The selfish and the vain. The people who cared little for others outside their comfortable world, outside their comfortable circle. It was with excitement and some slight apprehension she headed out of New York city and had a vague plan to head in the direction of California. The state of never-ending sunshine. She had grown tired of the less than pleasant weather Manhattan could throw at its residents come wintertime, and she longed for better, a more comfortable and pleasing climate.
Throwing some belongings into a small suitcase, she popped it in the front of her blue Volkswagen convertible and headed for the most barren, quiet and secluded route she could find. She needed time to think, to stretch and open  her mind. She had driven for what seemed like hours in the blazing heat, on the mainly empty road that stretched into the distance for miles. Driving through semi desert, with mountains far off in the distance. It was there she found him, like some lost cowboy who had mislaid his horse, or more likely his motorcycle. He stood by the roadside in the blazing mid day sun, with the saddle bags slung over his shoulder. The white shirt open, exposing his tanned chest, large gold chain and cross, the blue faded jeans. A white cowboy hat shielding him from the midday sun.

He was able to offer her what she wanted most, a fun filled, no strings attached relationship, mainly physical. That was how it started, as she stopped and invited him into her car, and into her life. She wasn’t too interested in his past, nor he in hers. As he was a man who wished to live life in the moment, in the present. Forget the past, and let the future take care of itself. She loved the sense of freedom he gave her, unlike previous suitors who wanted to capture, suffocate and imprison her soul and spirit. Integrate themselves fully into her mind, body and spirit, and become as one. Not what she wanted. But now just like the others he was changing. He was falling deeply in love with her. He spoke lovingly of their future together, of the children they would have and bring up together. He was becoming a soppy lapdog, a puppy. Willing to do anything, say anything just to please her. She wanted a man, not a damn weak pushover. His sense of freedom was disappearing. His uniqueness was being swallowed up by his feelings of love. She was willing to give him a small chance to see if he could get back on track. But as the days and weeks went by, it was worse he was getting.
It was with some small regret she wrote a brief note, explaining that she
wanted her freedom, and how she felt suffocated and trapped with him. She knew he would be devastated, but life is life. In the early dawn sunrise she loaded up her blue Volkswagen converabile and headed off down the empty highway to see what new adventures awaited, breaking free of the chains that he was attempting to hold her with.


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