It was the jangle of the keys that brought me to my knees
I said I could take no more, the torture, the unbearable pain
It’s enough to drive you insane, why don’t you listen to what it is, I am saying
My Mother laughed at my pitiful cries, as did my Father too

They slammed the cellar door shut, and locked it tight
In the darkness alone, I sat, and I moaned, in quiet some fright
Felt as sorry for myself as I could be, but determined that one day I would be free
I would have my revenge on these people who tortured me
I would send them to hell where they belonged to be

One more night of drunken fighting, to some that may seem exciting
One more night of sticking the knife in, metaphorically, of course
With the cellar door unlocked, what’s more
The box of matches, the firestarter, that’s what did it for me
The couch aflame as they sat and felt the pain, as I laughed at their pitiful cries and moans
No more the jangle of the keys would bring me to my knees
I was free as I was ever going to be
The flames grew higher as I added other materials to the pyre
I watched without much fuss, as the two of them combust
Laughter and joy, emanating from me

Now as a grown man I am what I am
Doing what I can to torture these children in front of me
The fear in their eyes makes me come alive
As I jangle the keys, as was done in front of me
They not knowing which one of them will be thrown, behind that dark cellar door
Where their screams will remain unheard, until, and if they learn
That the life you lead, depends a lot on how you please
The others who may be in control of you

The jangle of the keys still brings me to my knees, but now with laughter and joy
Because of the power I wield over these vulnerable children in need
These children of mine, will I make their lives shine
I don’t think so, Inflict cruelty and pain, enough to drive them insane
Add a fair measure of fear too
Will I let them live, will I destroy their souls
These are the thoughts I contemplate, as I jangle the keys around my wrist.

Written in response to : Daily Prompt,  Jangle.


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