The Chameleon.

The Chameleon

He sat alone in his car, in the warm early evening watching them. Trying to choose a suitable victim. The stirring in his loins beginning to run out of control. Thoughts of forthcoming fulfillment setting his mind alight with desire. Images of pleasure fueling his lustful emotions.
Was he actually salivating with pleasure  ? surely not. Yes, in fact he was actually dribbling with the anticipation and pleasure of it all. Smiling to himself as he wiped the dribble away from his chin.

His wife never knew of his double life, of course. Why should she, there was no need. As far as she knew he was nothing more than but a loving Father and husband. Whostrived to do his best for his family. A fully paid up member of the Christian fraternity. Church going, hard working and clean living. His only ‘issue’, if it was even possible to call it  that, was he had more than slight fondness for the online casinos. At times he did have the tendency to over indulge himself there. Words had being exchanged between them on occasion, regarding the matter. But she was willing to put up with it, as he had so many other, positive attritubtes, in her mind.
Little did she know. He smiled to himself, at the very thought of how well he was able to fool her, and others, besides. He checked on the back seat of the car, to see he had all the ‘tools’ he needed for what he was about to do. The few cans of beer. He was no longer surprised how helpful alcohol could be in a situation like this. Along with the bit of hash. Cigarettes, the porn magazines, and those other images of men with men. smiling, and making love with each other, and looking so happy. The soft red cord rope. The black tape. The rubber blindfold, and the strong  rubber mouth gag, if necessary. The sharp foldaway knife only to be brought into view, if the other participant was not very forthcoming with the pleasure. Along with the tranquilizers, as an absolute last resort. After all he did not want to be making love to an unresponsive soul.
So much better and enjoyable to see them suffer, and hear them scream. Just like he had, all thoses years ago. as long as they hurt, like he hurt, all that time ago. That’s fair, ain’t it ? That kind of familiarity brings comfort , in a strange sort of way. Yeah all was in order. The anxiety beginning to arise in his chest. The flutter of his heart, as it beat just that little bit faster. The butterflies slowly being released in his stomach. His legs beginning to shake just a little. His breathing becoming somewhat more rapid and shallow. His mouth just that bit drier. But he welcomed these feelings. Not labeling them as anxiety. More feelings of pleasure, excitement and joy. As he knew he was soon to have his lust satisfied.

Which method, he wondered to himself should he use to entrap and entice his young prey. Perhaps he could be more inventive this time. He always liked to push himself that bit further each time. A solitary test of his own deviousness and ingenuity. He watched as they practised their football training in the park. So many young boys. So many choices.
It was the screaming that snapped him away from his inner landscape. As she wrenched open the car door. Her face a mask of anger. Wide angry eyes. The jutting jaw. The teeth clenched, like an angry tiger about to attack it’s prey. Her face near purple in colour.
‘Get the hell away from here, I know what your up to’. Her screaming voice, too loud to be true. Her face so close to his, he could feel the warmth of her breath. Taken aback by this sudden attack, his composure disappeared. All of a sudden, he felt so very afraid. Just like he had, as a little boy. He attempted to wrestle  the door closed. Some of the other parents drawn in by the screaming turned to watch, and began to move towards the car. Finally his physical strength won out, and he closed the door. She energized by her anger, wrestled it open again,and reached down to the steering column to remove the key. He could not afford to be caught, and be forced to answer possible awkward questions asked by the authorities. As she moved her face closer to his again, and began to scream. He raised the back of his right hand, and brought it down swiftly and hard across her right cheek. The knuckles catching the softness of her fragile jaw line.
She stumbled back a few feet. Her hands quickly moving to her reddened face to subdue the burning pain. As the other adults approached the car. Quickly turning on the ignition with his shaking hands. He put the accelerator to the floor. The vehicle jumped to life. He drove at speed in the direction of the park exit, not even stopping to close the door. His breathing very rapid now. The butterflies bursting like crazy attempting to escape from his stomach at speed. His heart beating, like God knows what. Perspiration forming on his forehead.

He had escaped…….just. At least he had a few lessons from this encounter. As he continued driving away from the scene in the safety of his car. His composure slowly began to return to normal. He smiled as he reflected to himself, ‘Always another day, always another park’. It was just a matter of time.

It was a good hunting ground, no doubt.




                                                                                                               16-OCT-2015//G——MILL Stret.



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