Moralistic Man.

They with no morals, who ain’t too found of a quarrel
Scruples ? What are they
But they will still steal, they will plead, they will deceive
They will promise so much, but when it comes to crunch
They are nowhere to be seen

They are charismatic, never sadistic or brutal
But will self indulge to excess
Just cause they can, that’s the type I am, they profess
They are good fun to be around

When it come’s to doing what’s right
Well they are out of sight
What about those all promises you made
Composed of clay

Where are you now, we need you now
To do what you said you were going to do
Stop hiding, stop running away
Come back here, we need your say

More than that, we need you to keep your word
Don’t be that fleeing bird
Stand your ground, dig deep, we know you can
Don’t be hedonistic, instead
Be moralistic, honest and true, that’s what we need you to do
Don’t be the one to ask, morals, scruples, who are you.


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