Photo by Maxime Lelièvre on Unsplash


She was a stunner. No doubt. Men’s heads turned as she passed, and watched as she sashayed down the street. Other women, wanted to kill, well maybe at least injure her. For they too could see her beauty. The flawless skin. The near perfect pearlescent teeth. That oh so confident walk. Husbands, boyfriends at a loss to explain their partners sudden unexplained anger, as she passed. Envy and jealousy is ugly, and hard to deal with, even more so when it is seemingly unexplained.

To add to her beauty, she had a down to earth , warm and engaging personality. Was that not yet another good reason to hate her. A wish to destroy and take her down, from her elated position. But beyond the beauty that was bestowed upon her, not that she had even asked for it. Just the luck of the draw. In the quietness of the night, where she lay alone, and yearned for deep and meaningful warmth and friendship from others. Be they men or women. No one sought to see beyond her beauty and assumed she had the perfect life. So many other’s took for granted her fabulous  lifestyle. Their envy was misplaced. Not for her the glamorous lifestyle many had perceived. She was just just like them, but much better looking with the same issues as they had. The financial worries. The career stress. That inability to get along with other’s at times. The fear of dying, that we all share.

The fear of being alone. Of never finding true love. Of going through this life alone, when she so very much, yearned to share her loving ways, it on a deep level, with someone she felt in harmony with . A true soul mate. Someone she understood, on a deep level, and someone who understood her, in return.

Those who looked at her as she walked down the street and made many mainly negative assumptions about her fabulous life were so very wrong. Concocted imaging of  Hollywood type life style, were so far from the true reality. How could they. What gave them the right to after a brief envious glance assume they knew her life story. Little did they know or care, about her never ending  empty and lonely nights. Those nights where she had seriously contemplated ending her life, out of despair. The pointlessness she saw ahead of a future, she dared not even like to contemplate. If only they knew.

She tried to be understanding and compassionate of others ways. Even if at times, they left much to be desired. Other’s looked at her outer appearance, and judged. But few knew of her inner tortured life. Even fewer cared when she left this life alone. Few bothered to investigate the reasons why. The emptiness, despair and pointlessness of her life, was not something they could connect with her unnecessary passing in such a manner. They, the ignorant, low on self esteem and non-compassionate people saw it a blessing. One less competitor to deal with it. No more than she deserved, was the general consensus, of the ignorant and ill informed. But what did they really know, if they knew anything at all.


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