ill health

Photo by ANMOL on Unsplash

Have you ever being in that hell, when you doubt you’ll ever get well
Do Doctors seem like a waste of time even trying
Offering you poisons that will likely destroy you body and your mind
Is their discomfort and restriction which ever way you move

Is your body up the creek, are you searching everywhere
For the answers that you seek
Is their even a slight glimpse of good health opening up its door
Or perhaps you are locked outside, wondering will it be like this forever more

Will that pain subside, just a little, giving you hope
When will you  move onto an incline to health
Or do you sink back down, with a tailspin and a rapid slide
The road to recovery blocked once again

Is your body in some pain, as you breathe and you strain
Trying to remember what it was like before
Trying complementary, spiritual medicine to see you right
Healing foods, to help alleviate your moods
Make that damn pain go away

Are you now saying Hello to God, asking all those relatives who’ve gone before
To put in some good words, with the angels, to direct some healing energy your way
How’s that working for you, or maybe your just being a fool
Are you holding onto that memory from before
When dancing, swimming and exercise, were a welcome interlude
Not the impossible chore they would be now

Do you dream of health, and the freedom to move
Do you promise to be more grateful, like maybe you should have been before
Do you regret that cavalier attitude you had towards your health
Taking it so much for granted, like you did not even care
Putting your body at risk, maybe just for kicks
How foolish do you feel now, I ask of you

Does the future seem so bleak, is it even worth trying to seek a cure
For what ails your body at this time
Does it seem an impossible dream, to hope that one day
All of this might seem like a bloody nightmarish dream
But now your awake, and positivity reigns again
How good is that

Were you not cured yesterday, how come today aint the damn same
The pain and discomfort returning from out of nowhere
Do you secretly welcome it back, at least it’s familiar
There’s a lot to be said for sympathy and care
That’s what some decent people will offer to those in need

Are you  a psychological mess, in some real distress
Who needs counselling more than healing
Are you one of the many, fed up of rhyming poems
Which may flow easily for the author, but are a bit too trite and smalchy for the reader
But this is the way I roll, as they say in the music industry
If you don’t like it, dont read it, and don’t come here no more

Anyways, I’m off now to change my damn bed sores.



Joint Pain.

Are you, like me, suffering joint pain. Is this what aging is all about, for goodness sake, I may be getting on now, but in my mind, I am about 27 yrs old, and that’s what I’m sticking with.

Anyways currently I am recovering from various joint pains, in the ‘SI joint, the knee joint, the elbow joint , and general musculature tightness in the body. What I found helpful, and seems to be working is improving the diet, including foods such as turmeric, ginger, cider apple vinegar, and overall a healthy diet.

You know, the usual, plenty of fruit , veggies, bone broth soup, plenty of protein etc, etc, yada, yada.
So anyways I came across this guy, and his web site, for healing joint /musculature malfunction, and if you follow his suggestions, give it a week or so, it really does seem to work. I have experienced that myself, so maybe check him out, and click on a few of his adverts to help him out. All his info is free, with much good feedback.
Do not make the mistake I made with the trigger point therapy with tennis balls, or lacrosse balls etc. Do not use these balls on bony area’s of the body such as rib cage and so on. Only use on areas of large muscle groups, shoulder or backside for example, otherwise you will suffer and possibly damage your bones, trust me. Just beware.

In Good Health.



Health issues, Posture issues.

If you are suffering from health / posture issues, check out these people. I find them quiet good. Some of the best I’ve come across, and I have viewed many, many videos of this type.