ChainlinkJust the chainlink fence to get past and she would be free.Trying to stay focused and not
allow her mind to get ahead of her.There would be plenty of time for fantasizing and actually enjoying the freedom for real.Just a few more seconds to cut through the wire,and to freedom.

It burned in her shoulder,she never heard the sound,and she found it hard to catch her breath.The sucking ,gurgling sound was unpleasant. Her knees gave way,as her body weakened by the impact,fell to the ground.
The guard in the tower lowered his rifle,and smiled to himself.None had escaped while he was on duty,a record he was determined to keep.Floating in and out of consciousness,she dreamt of him,and the adventures they would soon be enjoying.The freedom of the open road,the roar of the motorcycles,the warm air on her face.
She was brought back to reality by the foul tobacco breath of the Warden his face close to hers.’There’s no escape Missy from this place,you will be with us for a long time to come,and get that straight inside your tiny mind.Take her back to the infirmary,get her patched up,and bring her to my office’,he ordered the watching prison officers.They smiled because they knew what was on the agenda for her now.