The Elevator.


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‘ Come in here, and we’ll take the lift ‘ . His voice gruff and commanding. It was what I expected from someone like him. The red checks, large beer belly, the result of much good living and little exercise. He was tall, and had the complexion of one who spent much time in the outdoors, and lived on a bad diet.
Like many of his age, he always wore a suit. It was just the way of it, for men of that time. The people round us hurried about their business. It was never the happiest of places. Too much human tragedy likely to happen here at any moment a distinct possibility. As was happiness and joy. Well more relief at the outcome, and then the freedom.
At last the lift arrived at the ground floor, the other’s exited it. Watching them it was hard to tell, how it went. Many people are hard to read. He went first then I followed. No one else decided to join us. The dull grey interior of the lift, badly in need of a clean, and spruce up. The ever present scent of disinfectant, that even now takes my mind back to that place. The double doors shut, with a resounding swish like sound. He reached over and pulled the inner gates across and the lift began it’s journey upwards. He never let go of the loosely wrapped plastic package he held under his arm. It looked soft, so I assumed it was clothing .  The lift silently make its way upward. After a few moments, he reached across and pulled the inner gates apart. The lift came to a juddering halt, and we both fell forward towards the grey steel doors. I looked at him, but his expression was plain, non committal.
He reached above my head to the copper colored control panel, that housed the different floor numbers and the open and close switches, an emergency phone, and the interior light, which he flipped to turn the interior to total darkness. I tried but could not see, not even my hand. I called out to him, but he did not answer. Alone in the darkness, I was afraid. Again I called out, but he did not answer.
It was unpleasantly warm to the touch. That rough hand on my bare thigh, as it slowly moved upwards. I silently cursed myself for wearing short trousers, as I cursed God for making the weather for being so warm. Then just as quickly I asked God if he would forgive me, for cursing him.
In the silence and the darkness, his breathing loud, fast and guttural. The scent of the earth, alcohol and cigarette smoke from him, sickening to my young senses. His movements were rough, brutal, and urgent. The soft package slipped from his grip, where he held it tightly, as he fumbled urgently at his clothing, and at mine. I struggled to escape, but in the small space I was trapped. He was stronger than I. The only sounds his moans of excitement, wrapped around quietly spoken swear words. It continued for a few moments. I closed my eyes and thought of the ocean, and the freedom it offered.
When he was satisfied, I tidied myself up in the darkness and the silence, as did he. Reaching across to the control panel, he flipped the switch, and the darkness turned to light. I knew the drill, not to look at him, nor speak. So I just stood facing away from him, and stared into a corner of the lift. He pulled the black wrought iron gates back together and the lift continued its journey upwards. When we reached our floor, we marched down the dull grey corridor towards the general ward.
She was sat upright in bed, reading the newspaper. Looking reasonably healthy, as the sun shone throw the windows. Everybody it seemed was in good form. That’s what the good weather can do. The nurses was smiling. The other visitors gathered round the beds of their relatives were laughing. It seemed like no one was really ill in the sunshine.
I followed behind him, as we approached the bed. She smiled and put down the newspaper, seeing us approach.

‘Welcome’ she said.

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I am an invisible man, I see what I can, and others cannot see me
I run along the sand watching the women, ain’t life sweet
But it’s not complete
They have no idea, what’s going through my mind
Am I thinking rape, do I want them dead
What the hell is wrong with me

Will you come over, she said
I was thinking whats inside this womans head
How can she see me, can she read my mind
Is she perhaps psychotic, mentally unbalanced, and unkind
Most probably an alcoholic, looking at that lived in face

What can I do for you, I enquired
Face as serious as I could be
I can see inside your mind, she said
What your thinking that ain’t right
Come sit with me I’ll give you some insight

Who the hell was this woman sat down in front of me
A gypsy, a fraud, a charlatan or a fool
Out of interest and curiosity, I sat with her
Together we watched the sea
Slowly she spoke first, not giving much thoughts to her words
Then they just flowed so freely

It’ll be the end for you, if you carry out that plan
I’ll be the first to report you, to let others know
I could stop you, she said, but I won’t
Because it will be upon your head, if that’s the route you choose
What fool is this, I asked myself
A stupid gypsy women, foretelling my future

In anger and exasperation I went to move away
From this idiotic woman, out here bloody well ruining my day
I’m off, you fool. You know not what you speak of
Yeah maybe you can read my mind, and ain’t that good for you
Don’t worry, when I go on my killing spree, I won’t be stopping by for you

It’s those others, I will make them pay
They that ignored, and disrespected me
Treated me like a fool. Pushed around and tormented. Called unkind names, laughed at
Every damn day at school. Did they never think
What it’s like to be on the receiving end of that
The high school prom, what a total disaster that was
Alone and laughed at, no woman by my side
That was the beginning of my plans, for many of them to die

Years of suffering, torment, a nightmare going to school
Could they never see, the hurt, the sadness
It was more than cruel
Alone, the blade held by my wrist, and the tears that flowed
The bottle of capsules in front of me, that I wanted to ingest
Empty days, and lonely nights
Little did they know
What of your family, the gypsy woman asked
They that love you so. You carry out those’s deeds
It will be prison, or execution that’s where you’re heading to
It’s the price well worth paying, for what they put me through
Every day, they forced me to go that school
Even though I begged and pleaded, they would not break the rules
This is my parting gift to them, I’m going to do what I’m going to do

Will you give no thought to those that are to die
What of their brothers and sisters, how deeply will they weep
Will you not reconsider, before you take that final step
You don’t really have the right to take a life, that’s God’s prerogative
I considered for a moment, but my mind was set on this path
No amount of cajoling, counselling or forgiveness
Would turn my mind from what I was about to do

There are other ways to take revenge you know
This is what she said to me. But my mind was set
That’s just the way it was gonna be

Away from me, I said to her, and let me be away
I have much to attend to, on this fine and sunny day
Gather up my weapons up, make my way to school
Carry out that killing spree, and for once I will be that cool kid
Other’s will be afraid of
Then when it’s all over, I will take my own life
No more on the receiving end of such cruelty, no more that little fool
Away from me, away from me, I have much work to do.



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He watched her through the trees. Unseen and unmoving. He camouflaged himself so well, to be near enough invisible to the human eye. She sat in the clearing, as the large oak, and conifers in their magnificence stood so tall so proud.
In times of crisis and lack of life direction, she always graduated towards the peacefulness and the sense of security she enjoyed among the trees. The quietness, the silence. Nothing moving. She had to release and let go. From the depths of her wounded soul she let loose with such a ferocity, she physically fell backwards, surprised and shocked at herself, with her gutteral, demon like screams, expunged from her body with such momentous force and venom, she was embarrassed. Again, and again she screamed. Screams of anger, of human hurt and distress. Screams of betrayal and deceit. Screams of mistrust. Screams of a once blossoming, truthful love, now lost, never to be reopened. Crude, nasty words she knew existed, and which sickened, to her very core, which she never, or only very seldom used, now loomed large in her vocabulary, and spewed from her with an evil venom. She did not, could not recognize this voice emanating from her. A voice barely human, full of evil intent.
Fearful, she ran deep into the forest to escape whatever had possessed her. Her heart beating faster than ever it had before. Her legs jelly like. Her light summer dress wet from her clammy body. Her perfect long hair, now damp, and unkempt. As fast as she ran, the spirit followed her.

He also followed her, but with the practiced expertise of a hunter, from a distance, and well hidden. When she could run no more, she fell to the ground physically exhausted, and breathing hard. Leaned back against a supportive tree, and slowly her breathing returned to some semblance of normal. But not her fear. The malevolent spirit slowly made its way through the trees towards her. She watched from the corner of her eye, hoping she was not really seeing what was approaching her. More than anything it was the physical coldness, and its energy that, foreshadowed the spirit, that frightened her the most. She just about managed to retain the sickly contents of her stomach.

‘You called us, and we have come. You have asked for change, and that is what we will bring into your life, and those around you. When you called on the spirit world for help, be advised many evil, malevolent spirits live in that world. A chance to escape that eternal world and be reborn into human form, will be jumped on, by those of us who are quick to recognize, a pure innocent soul reaching out for help. I will take your soul, your spirit, your physical body, and reek untold havoc onto your loved ones, for evermore. It has already begun’.

He  slowly raised the rifle, enjoying the sense of power and security as it rested comfortably in his shoulder, and quietly cocked the trigger back in anticipation of the shot. It was brutal, and swift, but he had to be sure. The cartridge was well on its way, before the sound echoed around the quietness of the trees. It entered the head with much force, just above the temple. The cartridge exploded upon impact, and slowed down ensuring a much larger wound, and confirmed kill. What was left of her head ricocheted off the tree she was resting at. Her body slumped forward. He watched the black putrid energy leave her body at speed and with a non human scream, enter the forest floor and return to the depths of hell, from whence it came.
Satisfied the spirit hunter lowered his rifle, and for now, peace was once again restored.



ill health

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Have you ever being in that hell, when you doubt you’ll ever get well
Do Doctors seem like a waste of time even trying
Offering you poisons that will likely destroy you body and your mind
Is their discomfort and restriction which ever way you move

Is your body up the creek, are you searching everywhere
For the answers that you seek
Is their even a slight glimpse of good health opening up its door
Or perhaps you are locked outside, wondering will it be like this forever more

Will that pain subside, just a little, giving you hope
When will you  move onto an incline to health
Or do you sink back down, with a tailspin and a rapid slide
The road to recovery blocked once again

Is your body in some pain, as you breathe and you strain
Trying to remember what it was like before
Trying complementary, spiritual medicine to see you right
Healing foods, to help alleviate your moods
Make that damn pain go away

Are you now saying Hello to God, asking all those relatives who’ve gone before
To put in some good words, with the angels, to direct some healing energy your way
How’s that working for you, or maybe your just being a fool
Are you holding onto that memory from before
When dancing, swimming and exercise, were a welcome interlude
Not the impossible chore they would be now

Do you dream of health, and the freedom to move
Do you promise to be more grateful, like maybe you should have been before
Do you regret that cavalier attitude you had towards your health
Taking it so much for granted, like you did not even care
Putting your body at risk, maybe just for kicks
How foolish do you feel now, I ask of you

Does the future seem so bleak, is it even worth trying to seek a cure
For what ails your body at this time
Does it seem an impossible dream, to hope that one day
All of this might seem like a bloody nightmarish dream
But now your awake, and positivity reigns again
How good is that

Were you not cured yesterday, how come today aint the damn same
The pain and discomfort returning from out of nowhere
Do you secretly welcome it back, at least it’s familiar
There’s a lot to be said for sympathy and care
That’s what some decent people will offer to those in need

Are you  a psychological mess, in some real distress
Who needs counselling more than healing
Are you one of the many, fed up of rhyming poems
Which may flow easily for the author, but are a bit too trite and smalchy for the reader
But this is the way I roll, as they say in the music industry
If you don’t like it, dont read it, and don’t come here no more

Anyways, I’m off now to change my damn bed sores.


A lesson.


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She like the others would have to learn the hard way. Some thing in life are acceptable and some are certainly not. Her lifeless body was slumped over the back seat of the car, as it headed towards the remote mountain area. He swore at the car, and its lack of air conditioning, or even a fan. The open windows helping slightly. Perspiration dripped slowly from his forehead, down the sides of his face, and onto his neck. His short sleeved shirt, damp, clammy and uncomfortably sticky. The jeans too dark, and heavy for such weather, increasing his body temperature even further. Cursing himself for his choice of clothing on such a day. He dreamt of a cool refreshing shower, and smiled in anticipation. In the scorching heat, she had to be disposed of reasonably quickly. The bloodied seat should be easy enough to clean. Any passing motorist would just assume she was just another lazy holiday maker enjoying themselves.
A rotting and decaying body, no matter how pretty they are, soon leads to a rank, putrid stench. It was to be the holiday of a lifetime, and in some respects it was, as travel usually is quiet enjoyable. He had her fooled, and with his persuasive, and kind manner. He had hoodwinked her into travelling with him. She had foolishly trusted him. How gullible some women are, because she believed in true love. But he knew from much life experience that many people cannot be trusted at all. That humans can be immensely complex, and at times impossible to figure out. What did she really know of life at such a young age. People’s motivations, there secret desires and resentments. Who is to know the inner working of another.
He had reluctantly accepted it at the time. He had tried to dissuade her, but to little avail. She made a persuasive case for her course of action. Strong minded and belligerent to the last. He soon saw the futility of arguing further.
As he drove high into the mountains, he reflected how, if he was honest with himself, he never truly really loved her. From the first day he met her. Just something about that oh so confident, can we say arrogant manner. Something was off. With her stellar career, well on track. Arrogance, and false confidence borne out of a high flying career, with its financial rewards, and due deference and respect for her position of power within the company.
A forthright, ambitious young woman, who made no secret of her wish to succeed, at whatever price, even to the detriment of others, if need be. What are rules, if not for bending slightly, if necessary, in her view. He should have seen it then, but a lack of human companionship, can drive one to overrule their own inner knowing and wisdom.

A woman who wanted it all. The high flying career, the wealth, the success. The adoration of colleagues, and a more than satisfying sexual life. But all aspects of life carry risk. Disregard for common sense, alcohol, illicit drugs and sheer abandonment can lead to actions of course, that many regret. But what is life if not for enjoying, was her motto.
On the day she went through with it, he did not accompany her, but wished her well. He took time alone by the empty beach to gather his thoughts. He knew he would never forgive her. Regretting now he ever got involved with her, and disregarding their obvious incompatibility from the start. Over the following months, he tried to forgive her. Sought solace from God, and asked for guidance, which in the silence of the church, and the many sleepless nights that followed was not forthcoming.

Within days, she returned from her wicked journey, and soon recovered her joy de verve for life. The evenings in the expensive restaurants soon returned. Business deals had to be concluded successfully, and rapidly. Girlfriends, friends and colleagues had to be entertained and indulged. It was as if it had never happened, and it did not need to happen, but it did. His anger and resentment grew daily, but he hid it well. But it festered within him. No sense of sorrow, little regret on her part. That cavalier uncaring attitude was not what he expected, not wanted in a love partner. He reflected back to his previous marriage and the sudden and early demise of his wife, his first love. He still had to deal with the callous, and uncaring surgeon whom he rightfully blamed for her loss. He would not go free, he had determined. But that was for another time.

The heat from the setting sun was easing somewhat, as the evening grew late. He turned off the dusty road, and parked in a small clearing among the trees. He maneuvered himself out of the sweltering heat of the car’s interior, more than glad for the cooling mountain air. Stood and watched the evening lights sparkle, in the small village way down in the valley, and the ocean beyond. After a brief rest, he opened the rear door and layed her legs down on the ground. Limp and heavy, he pulled at her lifeless body, from the back seat, taking care not to look at her bloodied face, and frozen surprised expression. The body was heavy and uncooperative, so he pulled hard at the still warm legs. The back of her head hit the car door sill, with a sickening thud, bone and cartilage on metal, as he finally wrestled it from the vehicle.
The feeble, yet audible groan was an unwelcome surprize, and he looked again at her body. Little sign of movement. He bent down, and put his ear over her mouth and listened. While at the same time watching for any movement in her chest. If only the damn birds would be quiet perhaps he would have a chance to hear. It was there, a tiny, barely imperceptible weak breath, and very slight, barely visible movement of the chest.

He watched, for a few moments, hovering closely above her stricken body, reached around behind him for a suitable medium to heavy rock. He fumbled and grabbed the awkwardly edged rock in his hand and raised it above his head. He was devoid of emotion. A task had to be completed, quickly and surgically. He brought the implement down hard in an arc towards the general area of her forehead.

‘Why’, was the question she weakly asked, through her briefly opened eyes. The momentum of his movement was unstoppable, and the rock crashed with force onto her forehead. Her eyes closed. He raised it again at speed, and repeated the movement, so many times in succession he lost count. Driven by the force of his anger, and a wish to drive the last vestiges of her living image from his mind, the slab of bone’s in her forehead soon give way to his vigorous exertions. The soft brain tissue easily absorbing  the repeated strikes of the weapon. Blood streamed copiously around her eyes and down her once pretty face. A macabre mascara, befitting of such an evil human. At least it hid to some extent her torn and pulverized reddened skin, a slight benefit. Sickened and ashamed of his own uncontrollable violence and anger, he fell to his knees and called aloud to God for forgiveness. When God refused to answer with either condemnation nor praise, in his warped mind, he persuaded himself that this was indeed a sign he was doing God’s work, and a place would no doubt be set aside for him in heaven.  Exhausted and spent after a few moments, panting heavily, the perspiration again dripping from his forehead, down his face.
Again, he hovered closely over her body, watching and listening for signs of life. Satisfied there were none, he dropped the bloodied rock from his hand, and sat triumphant and vindicated, at a nearby tree. He breathing slowly began to subside from his exertions, as again he vision focused on the sparkling lights, and the ocean far beyond in the valley below. So inviting. So welcoming.

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