Empty Life

daniel-jensen-763633-unsplashPhoto by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

Empty life, gambling urges, coming on strong
Yes, I give up, I give in, your stronger than me
I cannot resist, this urge I have to feed
There I have done it, I have gambled, I have lost once again
Why dose it feel so wonderful to be back here again
What’s the psychology of this disease
Where I find no peace, nor contentment until I deplete my finances
I will struggle over the next few weeks, all my own fault of course
Don’t you Pity me, don’t you do that
My choice’s, decisions by my own hand
You can never win, at the casino’s, take my word
No matter how inviting it looks on the screen, and the possibilities they offer to entice
Don’t you be drawn int that abyss of misery, worry tension and concern
Cause that’s where it is leading, when will we ever learn
A very temporary release from life’s distress, disappointment, bewilderment, and frustrations
But they will still be here tomorrow, but you like I, will have a lighter wallet
While those on the other side, will laugh, smirk and live it up, at your expense.


Which Way Now ?

Photo Credit : Photo Credit : https://pixabay.com/en/users/Kaz-19203/

Indecision is the worst, make’s you want to burst with the stress of it all
What if, what now. Time is running out. Tension and angry moods
Matched by those you meet. No more smiling faces, and happy vibes
My energy is tense, anxious all up in my head
These are the people I’m meeting, not what I wish to see
Could be something in that law of attraction
What you are, that mood, that vibe, and energy that you project
This is what you see out and about

I think most have learned by now, if you’re in an angry mood stay home
Your better off being alone, at least for now
Otherwise the people you meet, who may have being sweet last week
May turn into monsters, you’d rather avoid
Serious unsmiling, unfriendly people, this is what I’m meeting currently
How can you be this way, is what I’d like to ask them
But better not, as they don’t seem open to conversation
Best let it lay, and figure it out myself

Must be down to the vibes I’m putting out
My worry, indecision and tension. Focusing all on that
I look forward to when I’m back on an even keel, where I’m just chillin
No angst, no more what if’s, what should I do
Make your decision and stand by that. Whatever may be, will be
I mean it’s only a damn piano, not saving live’s lost at sea
This living in the moment, being right here, right now
Is near impossible, when you have issues to solve
I list the pros, and con’s for and against, and whichever is ahead
I go with that
But what I’m I wrong, and make a mistake, and regret the choice I made
As one guy said one time, all you get from sitting on the fence, is a sore backside
This fella was no philosopher, but what he said is true
So I’m going to get off that fence, make that choice, that’s what I’m going to do
And expect the tension, and anger to disappear
Hopefully then my life, my world will get back to some sort of peace, and tranquility.